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Aufgrund wirtschaftlicher Sanktionen ist der Verkauf von Reisen in die Krim nicht möglich.
Из-за экономических санкций продажа путешествий в Крым прекращена.

The duration of sunny days

in our seaside resorts exceeds the level of Nizza, Sochi or Kislovodsk. In Evpatoria the sun shines 1982 hours! Crimea is famous for its healing factors: healthful climate, muds of salted lakes and mineral waters.

Tourism and excursions

In 18900 the first tourist-excursion center was organized in Odessa. In Russia appeared pedestrian-, mounted-, bus and speleotourism.

Centers of tourism:

The Hero-city Sevastopol

The Black Sea Fleet, battles and victories, tragic and heroic events are the history of Sevastopol. It is interesting for its ancient and Middle Ages history. Its landscapes are picturesque and unique Sevastopol is a city of modern industry, shipbuilding and science.

Great Yalta

stretches for 70 km from Ayu-Dag Mountain to Sarych Cape along the Black Sea. It consists of Yalta and Alupka, several health settlements from Gurzuf to Foros and villages surrounded by vineyards, orchards, plantations and Yalta reservation as well.

Great Alushta

stretched for 80 km from Ayu-Dag Mountain to Privetnoye village. Alushta and Partenit are big resorts. Mountain pedestain tours are very romantic: the Chatyrdag, the Ghost Valley, the Dzhur-Dzhur Falls.


Interesting nature, archaelogical, historical, cultural monuments, modern scientific, agricultural, industrial objects one can see visiting Bakhchisarai. Grottos, settlements on ancients, fortress towns, monuments attract many tourists. In the former Khan's Palace there is the famous Tear's Fountain, the place of pilgrimages fond of poetry.

Sudakski district

Sea tours are especially good at the foot hills of Sudak Fortress, along Novy Svet (New World) Bay or Karadag Vulcan.


The Coctebel settlement famous for its cultural traditions and glorious names. One should see the Gliding Museum and Voloshin's one. We advise you to taste excellent wines here. It is sure to visit Aivazovsky's Picture Gallery. Grin's Museum and Genoese fortress towers.


Hero-city has dramatic and glorious history. In ancient times it was the capital city of the mighty Bosphorus Kingdom.

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